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Core Curriculum

III. Core Curriculum: 1. Undergraduate (1) Children’s Literature and Writing Practice (2) Basic Writing (3) Introduction to Linguistics (4) Introduction to Classical Chinese Studies (5) Calligraphy (6) Selected Readings of Chinese Prose and Practice (7) Poetry and Practice (8) Chinese Etymology (9) History of Chinese Phonology (10) History of Chinese Literature (11) History of Chinese Thought (I) (12) History of Chinese Thought (II) 2. Master's/PhD (1) Special Topics on Sinology (2) Special Topics on Humanities Research Methodology (3) Special Topics on Chinese Classical Literature (4) Special Topics on Modern Literature (5) Special Topics on Confucian Thoughts (6) Special Topics on Chinese Philosophy History (7) Special Topics on Literary Theory (8) Special Topics on Chinese Characters (9) Special Topics on Chinese Linguistics History (10) Study of modern Chinese Literature (11) Study of Language Education (12) Independent Study (13) Master’s Thesis (14) Doctoral Dissertation